Mozzarella, Ham and Spinach Pastry

Sausage rolls! I love to eat them in the morning at work, but at the moment I’m a little fed up of them, so I have decided to try a healthier, tastier and hand made version. You may wander what: Mozzarella, Ham and Spinach Pastry :).

I find this choice the combination of crunchy, light and crumbling rolls of pastry stuffed full of goodies as you can also choose other fillings.

I enjoy eating them slightly warm and are perfect for a quick breakfast at work. What about you?


1 Puff Pastry Ready Rolled

4-5 slices of ham

1 bunch of baby spinach

1 ball of fresh mozzarella



1 egg – beaten


IMG_5243On this occasion I have cheated and instead of making my own pastry I have bought a roll. I ripped the ham into shreds and chunks using my hands and after that I drained the mozzarella and cut it into small pieces.

While I prepare all the fillings I preheat the oven. When everything is prepared I roll out the pastry and cut it into rectangles (you choose how large you want to make them).

The next step is to load up the fillings. I start with adding mozzarella, spinach and ham. After that I grind a little black pepper and sprinkle with oregano over each pile of fillings. There is no need for salt as the ham and pastry are already sufficiently salty.

Next step is to close the rolls and I decide to do it with the fork as below. Then I brush a little beaten egg along the roll after I lay then on a baking sheet.

I bake the roll for about 30 minutes until golden and crisp.

Now we wait for the Mozzarella, Ham and Spinach Pastry to cool down on a rack.


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