My Sunday Breakfast


Yesterday morning after waking up with no energy and I decided that I need a boost for the day and I started to prepare an omelet and a glass of fresh orange juice.


2 medium eggs

1 medium mushroom

1 spring onion

Dutch Edam cheese




Ground pepper


3 oranges for the juice



I start by washing the mushroom and the spring onion and cut them in thin slices. The next step is to add the butter in a frying pan and when is melted I add the slices of mushrooms and season them with salt and ground pepper. When are done I add the spring onion for 1 minute.

While the mushrooms and the onions are getting ready I scramble the 2 eggs and start grating the Dutch Edam cheese.

When the vegetables are done I add the scrambled eggs and cook them on low temperature not to burn the omelet and leave it uncooked. In the meantime I prepare the fresh juice at the citrus juicer.

IMG_5700Before to take the omelet from the pan I add on half of it some cheese and couple of baby spinach leaves and I fold it after.

IMG_5692IMG_5698Ā I place it on the plate and add the rest of the cheese and some fresh parsley. Yesterday I served it with olives and cherry tomatoes.

Let me know what did you had for your breakfast.

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