A stop to Cape Kaliakra

When you are visiting Balchik you should also go and see the Cape Kaliakra site, a historic and strategic fortification point over the Black Sea. After a long coast road to the tip of the cape I really recommend this place to be visited.

DSCF0759I find Cape Kaliakra as a long rocky headland that juts out into the beautiful Black Sea from the coast of northern Bulgaria.

DSCF0734To get to see the site you have to pay a small entrance fee. The place is not a big one, but conceals a brutal history of suicide, siege and warfare. It is said that when the Ottoman army come close to Kaliakra, 40 local girls flew to the end of the headland. They tied their hair together, and jumped from the edge of the cliff; choosing to die on the rocks underneath rather than be captured. An obelisk known as ‘The Gate of the 40 Maidens’ now stands at the entry to the cape, in memory of their sacrifice.

DSCF0738DSCF0769Walking through the area you get you see a different world through the eyes of the history that is wrapped in all the ruins of the fortified walls, houses, baths and also the tiny museum that speaks about this controversial story of this amazing piece of land.

DSCF0797Also this place is popular for sightseeing where you can enjoy the stunning flora and fauna along the breezy coastal top with great views where you can feel the warmth of the sun and listening the sounds of the larks. If you are lucky you might also spot dolphins playing around. I will let you see the beauty of this place throughout the pictures below.

DSCF0795IMG_3907DSCF0743DSCF0791DSCF0810DSCF0799So, if you have time while you are in Bulgaria don’t forget to have a trip to see the beauty of Cape Kalikra and let me know if you like it or not!


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