Trip to Balchik


Last September I decided to take a trip with my parents to visit the unique and romantic city of Balchik, one of the most attractive destination that is full of history.

Balchik is situated on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and is one of the most popular resorts and while you are there you can take a quick trip to see Cape Kaliakra and Mussel Farm (about this wonderful location I will talk about later).


In Balchik we came to visit the marina palace of Queen Maria and the Botanical garden, the fountains and the stone stairs that make you feel in a fairy tale.

The queen’s beautiful palace was built at a time when Balchik was part of Romania and there are plenty of stories about Queen Marie, who was a strong and independent woman, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. The palace grounds are like a small park, with many paths, a waterfall, a stream, all-leading down to the Black Sea shore. The amazing Botanical Garden that fills your soul with love and peace.

IMG_3784IMG_3828.jpgThe garden is also known for its cacti and cacti alone are over 250 species, and this makes it Europe’s second most important collection, after the one of Monaco! There are over three thousand varieties of shrubs, roses and flowers, set among streams, waterfalls, and ornamental channels. The roses that you find here are the most beautiful and the smell sends you to a magical world.

IMG_3756IMG_3760IMG_3766IMG_3760IMG_3847IMG_3846IMG_3793IMG_3858IMG_3746IMG_3748While you are there you must visit the Palace Winery where you can taste sweet wine (with very strong tastes of honey and almonds).


IMG_3815I think it is an amazing place to get away from noise and to be close to nature either with your partner or like me with my parents spending quality time after a long time (as I live in a different country), and walk where a queen had walked.

IMG_3843Let me know if you have visit this peaceful place called Balchik!


15 thoughts on “Trip to Balchik

  1. We went to Balchik in 2011 and loved it, including our children who greatly enjoyed sitting in Queen Marie’s giant outdoor stone throne. We also drove a bit north and had lunch at Fish Restaurant Dalboka (at the mussel farm) facing the sea. Never had any of us ever had fresher mussels in more preparations. We consumed mussel salad, mussels with rice, mussels seamen’s style, grilled mussels on skewers and battered fried mussels. Possibly we ate still more, but we did pass on the dessert of mussels in caramel sauce. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures – it makes me want to visit Balchik again.

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